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KSV25CRH Kelvinator Air Conditioner


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KSV25CRH Kelvinator 2.5kW Cooling Only Split System Inverter Air Conditioner features Intelligent Inverter Technology, Low Noise Fan, Multi-Level Filtration, Stylish, User Friendly Remote Control, Follow Me, Sleep Mode and Powered Air Swing.

Energy Saving

INVERTER TECHNOLOGY: The KSV25CRH has Inverter technology controlling the speed of theInverter Technology motor which allows a smooth continuous flow of air at the required temperature. This allows the room temperature to be maintained at all times. A non-inverter air conditioner will start and stop to reach the desired temperature and adds extra cost to energy bills. The advantage of an inverter system is that it uses 30% - 50% less energy than a non-inverter and it has brushless fan motors that allow the unit to operate even quieter.Follow Me

COOLING ONLY OPERATION: Combined with dehumidification and fan only modes ensures comfort in your home.

FOLLOW ME: Select Follow Me and your air conditioner will set the temperature based on a sensor in the remote control. This ensures the temperature is perfect, exactly where you want it to be.

SLEEP CONTROL: Sleep ModeGently increases or decreases the temperature to adjust to your needs for a peaceful night sleep. Energy consumption is also reduced, whilst keeping the temperature at a comfortable level.


POWERED AIR SWING: At the touch of a button on the remote control, the Powered Air Swingmotorised louvres will oscillate the airflow up and down providing even distribution of air in your home.

SELF CLEAN FUNCTION: When the Self Cleaning function is activated, the fan will continue to run in a set sequence in order to purge the air conditioner of all moisture and hence prevent growth of mould.

SILENCE MODE: This single button on the remote controls both functions. The Silence function keeps the compressor operating at a low frequency and the indoor units only provides a faint breeze, which reduces the noise to the lowest possible level Low Noise Fan stops the room from dropping below 8oC.

LOW NOISE FAN: A DC motor drives the indoor fan with a total of 12 speed settings, providing the optimum combination of temperature control and low noise.

Easy To Use

REMOTE CONTROL: Remote ControlA handy remote control with an easy-to-read back-lit LCD and luminescent keypad lets you conveniently control all functions, even in low light on the KSV25CRH.

4 FAN SPEEDS: 4 fan speeds deliver flexibility for optimum user comfort. (Low, Medium, High and Auto).

24 HOUR TIMER: The KSV25CRH can be remotely programmed enabling you to pre-set the unit to turn it on and/or off in a 24hour time frame. This allows you to alter room temperature before you get there.

AUTO RESTART: In the case of a power failure the unit will stop working and memorise the settings it was set at. When the power restores the air conditioner will automatically return to the settings memorised before the failure.

EASY TO CLEAN: The contemporary clean-face fascia not only looks good, it also minimises dust build-up on the front of the unit. Slim and compact, these air-conditioners are unobtrusive and will suit any interior style.

Easy Features

Air Quality

MULTI-LEVEL FILTRATION: Multi-Level FiltrationEnjoy improved air quality with a combination of 3 filters. A high density dust filter combined with 2 additional special filters work together to ensure cleaner, fresher air in your home.

DUST FILTER: The Antibacterial Dust Filtermesh dust filter is designed to remove larger dust particles from the air. This assists in providing a clean and healthy environment and minimising the potential for allergenic reactions.

BIOFRESH HEPA FILTERS: Kelvinator KSV25CRH Deodorises air and provides hospital grade air filtration for clean air. This eliminates 95% of bacteria and captures 99% of particles from the air less than Carbon Filter0.3 microns size. Note: 0.1 microns is equivalent to a single particle of cigarette smoke.

ACTIVE CARBON FILTER: The active carbon filters eliminate odours and neutralises harmful gases as well as trapping smoke.


STYLISH: StylishAll models feature smooth fronts with gently curved edges and an elegant clear trim. This is offset by a concealed digital display which can be turned off when watching a movie or sleeping.

Kelvinator air conditioners are tested in some of the worlds most stringent performance labs. This ensures durability for all Australian conditions. Kelvinator 90 years of experience in refrigeration cooling systems allows for advanced and reliable features with optimum performance.Gold Anti Corrosion

THE GOLD HYDROPHILIC CORROSION PROTECTION: The coating applied to the condenser improves the heating exchange efficiency by accelerating the defrost process. This type or technology is far superior to blue fin as it has far greater anti corrosive properties which makes it ideal for high humidity areas. Gold fin technology will last much longer than blue fin technology.

5 YEAR WARRANTY: Covered by Electrolux Top Service, Kelvinator longevity and trust in air conditioners allows a five year parts and labour warranty that applies to all systems purchased at an approved stockist or retailer and correctly installed. You will also have the option to add a further 2 Year customer care plan with us giving a total period of 7 Years.


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The standard warranty supplied by Kelvinator on this model is:

"5 Year Australia Wide Manufacturers Warranty"


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