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SCM45ZSS Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioner


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SCM45ZS-S Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Multi Head Inverter (Outdoor Unit Only) Air Conditioner has a 4.5Kw Cooling and 5.3Kw Heating Capacity. Featuring Power Active Module Inverter, Independent Room Control, New Vector Control, Wide Temperature Range, Silicon Coated PCB, Up to 2 Connected Indoor Units, Multiple Indoor Unit Choices, Comprehensive 5 Year Warranty and loads more. Order now, Enquire or Call our friendly sales team for the right advice.

COMPACT and FLEXIBLE: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries multi-head split systems can allow between 2 to 6 of the same, or select different types of indoor units to be connected to a single outdoor unit. Allowing multiple rooms to be conditioned without adding clutter to the exterior of your home. One compact multi-split outdoor unit instead of multiple outdoor units not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home but can be imperative when there is not much space available, for example when installing outdoor units on balconies, verandahs or small blocks. Also you could have allowed yourself room to expand by adding extra indoor units of various types and capacity when time, money or family requires.

High Efficiency

DC PAM INVERTER TECHNOLOGY: DC PAM Inverter An inverter system has a number of advantages over a constant speed system. The SCM45ZS-S variable speed compressor outputs can ensure quick cooling or heating after start up and attains a set temperature more quickly. The air conditioner can slow down the compressor speed to save energy whilst keeping comfortable conditions. The compressor is DC motor driven so it provides superior performance.

INDEPENDENT CONTROL: Your chosen indoor units come with their own remote allowing the unit to be independently switched on/off and have the temperature adjusted as needed. The conditions of your rooms can vary greatly depending on the number of occupants or the way the room is used. With a range of comfort, Inverter Vector Controlair flow and convenience functions on each of the indoor units, you can adjust the settings to match the requirements of a room without affecting the other ones. When a room is unoccupied you can switch off the unit to reduce Inefficient energy use.

INVERTER VECTOR CONTROL: New Inverter Control has applied the new advanced technology of Vector control enabling, Smooth operation from low to high speed, Smooth Sine Voltage Wave form is achieved, Energy efficiency has improved even further in low speed range.

Advanced Technologies

Wide RangeWIDE TEMPERATURE RANGE: Advanced technology of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries inverters has improved the heating and cooling operation range. This unit can be installed when heating or cooling operation is required at low ambient conditions down to -15°C.

SUPERIOR CORROSION RESISTANCE: The base of the outdoor unit is hot dipped to provide superior corrosion and scratch resistance.

SILICON-COATED PCB: The printed circuit board of the outdoor unit is coated by silicon. The coating ensures longevity of the board in humid conditions.

5 YEAR WARRANTY: When 5 YEAR WARRANTYyou buy a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SCM45ZS-S inverter air conditioner, you are getting an air conditioning solution from some of the highest quality products in the industry. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries enjoys a reputation for outstanding quality and is highly respected both in the Australian and overseas markets. With a 5 Year Warranty covering the parts, labour and compressor, you can have peace of mind that your new Mitsubishi Heavy Industries inverter will continue to deliver air-conditioning comfort to your home through the years.

Compatible Head Units

SCM45ZS-S: The indoor unit range includes wall mounted, floor standing, low static bulkhead or compact cassette types in a wide range of capacities. This makes hundreds of combinations possible for your home. You can choose the right type of indoor unit to complement the interior décor and match the size of each room. This outdoor inverter air conditioning unit is capable of connecting up to 2 indoor units with a total of 7Kw capacity. Many of the available options are listed below.


SRK-ZMA Indoor Series

2Kw Wall Mounted2.5Kw Wall Mounted3.5Kw Wall Mounted5Kw Wall Mounted

PLEASE NOTE: Although the indoor units listed above might be compatible, not all configurations are possible.

SRK-ZMXA Indoor Series

2Kw Wall Mounted2.5Kw Wall Mounted3.5Kw Wall Mounted5Kw Wall Mounted

PLEASE NOTE: Although the indoor units listed above might be compatible, not all configurations are possible.

FDTC-VF Indoor Series

2.5Kw Cassette3.5Kw Cassette5Kw Cassette

PLEASE NOTE: Although the indoor units listed above might be compatible, not all configurations are possible.

SRF-ZMXA Indoor Series

Floor Standing Indoor Unit

PLEASE NOTE: Although the indoor units listed above might be compatible, not all configurations are possible.

SRR-ZM Ceiling Concealed Indoor Series

SRR-ZM Ceiling Concealed Indoor Unit

PLEASE NOTE: Although the indoor units listed above might be compatible, not all configurations are possible.

Compatible Outdoor Units


SCM40ZS-S Outdoor UnitSCM45ZS-S Outdoor UnitSCM50ZS-S Outdoor Unit

SCM60ZM-S Outdoor UnitSCM71ZM-S1 Outdoor UnitSCM80ZM-S1 Outdoor UnitSCM100ZM-S Outdoor UnitSCM125ZM-S Outdoor Unit

Pipe Lengths

Indoor Options

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 780mm Wide, 596mm High, 290mm Deep

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These Specifications are for a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Air Conditioner Model SCM45ZSS and are shown as helpful information, but should not be relied upon for final installation. The Manufacturer's specifications should be checked prior to purchase to ensure that there has been no recent changes.



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The standard warranty supplied by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries on this model is:

"5 Year Australia Wide Manufacturers Warranty"


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