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SRK24YRAW Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioner


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SRK24YRA-W Mitsubishi 7.1Kw Cooling Only Air Conditioner Features Energy Efficent R32 Refrigerant, Vector Control, Jet Engine Aerodynamics, 3D Auto, Innovative Self Cleaning, Allergen Clear, Timer Functions, Fuzzy Auto Mode, Luminous Remote Control, Auto Restart, Self Diagnostics, Super Quiet and Much More!.

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Choice Recommended

DRED ENABLED: Demand Response Enabling DeviceThe SRK24YRA-W includes a DRED (Demand Response Enabling Device) built into the indoor unit. A DRED device allows you to participate in incentive programs applicable to your region, such as the ENERGEX Positive Payback Program in South East QLD.

Optional Accessories

INTESISHOME WIFI DEVICE: Intesis Home Wifi DeviceWhen you purchase the Optional Intensis home Wi-Fi Device you can control your Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-conditioner from anywhere; whether you are in a different room within the house, out and about or stuck at work. The Wi-Fi control allows you to control all the features of your air-conditioner with ease and convenience using your IOS smart device or computer. With two different solution options this device will adapt to all your needs. Offering one general solution, and another one more specific to more demanding functions. With an installation as simple as putting Intensis home anywhere in the room and it will connect using infrared to the A/C unit & within a few minutes it will start up and be ready to make you lifestyle more versatile and stress free.

High Efficiency

DC PAM INVERTER TECHNOLOGY: DC PAM Inverter An inverter system has a number of advantages over a constant speed system. The SRK24YRA-W variable speed compressor outputs can ensure quick cooling after start up and attains a set temperature more quickly. The air conditioner can slow down the compressor speed to save energy whilst keeping comfortable conditions. The compressor is DC motor driven so it provides superior performance.

NEW INVERTER VECTOR CONTROL: New Inverter Control has applied the new advanced technology of Vector control enabling, Smooth operation from low to high speed, Smooth Sine Voltage Wave form is achieved, Energy efficiency has improved even further in low speed range.New R32 Gas

ENERGY EFFICIENT GAS The SRK24YRA-W uses the R32 Refrigerant Gas type. R32 Refrigerant is low in Global Warming Potential with is being about a third that of conventional alternatives such as R410A. According to research, pure R32 can perform around 6% more efficiently than the commonly used blended refrigerant R410A. This means not only is it less polluting, but an R32 system will also cost less to run.

Superior Air Flow

JET ENGINE AERODYNAMICS: Jet Aircraft TechnologyMitsubishi Heavy Industries uses the same aerodynamic analysis technology used in developing jet engines. Jet air scroll, a long reach and silent air flow is what you receive. CFD (computational fluid dynamics) is used for blade shape design and air channels for jet engines. The same technology has been used in the SRK24YRA-W. The air flow of the jets created in this system enables a large volume of air to be blown with a minimum amount of power consumption. The air flow is uniform, quiet and reaches a long distance from the indoor unit.

3D Auto

3D AUTO: This is a one touch programme. Three motors (one vertical working motor + two horizontal working motors) make three independent air flow controls.

NEW LOUVER: New LouvreThe louver has a new design and shape. The surface area has increased by 80%. In addition to improved control of the increased air flow volume, it has also improved controllability of the right to left swing function.

MANUAL CONTROL: The manual control of right and left louver enables the air flow direction from the right and the left side of the unit, setting the most preferable direction and determining whether direct flow is required or not.

AIR SCROLL: The swing of the flap causes the air flow to spiral and the breeze to reach all corners of the room.


Clean Air

ALLERGEN CLEAR SYSTEM: Clean AirThe `Allergen Clear System` controls the allergens caught by the filter by modifying the temperature and humidity of the unit.

ANTI-MICROBIAL: The SRK24YRA-W indoor fan has undergone a treatment to resist growth of mould and germs. Mould creating odours can occur when an air conditioner is not in operation. Anti-microbial specifications and design enhances cleanliness and safety.

SELF CLEAN: The Self Clean Operation of the SRK24YRA-W runs for 2 hours after the unit has been turned off. Silently, the fan continues to operate on ultra low speed to dry the unit. Restricting the growth of potentially harmful mould.

Self Clean

Comfortable Features

FUZZY AUTO MODE: Automatically the unit determines its operating mode and temperature setting based on a fuzzy calculation and adjusts the inverter frequency.

LUMINOUS REMOTE: With a wireless “Luminous” remote control that even “glows in the dark”, it is possible to operate all desired functions of the unit with the click of a button.

HI POWER OPERATION: The unit can operate continuously in HI POWER mode for 15 minutes. This mode is used to reach the desired temperature quickly.

Advanced Technologies

24 Hour ION

24 HOUR ION: The SRK24YRA-W generates the same amount of negative ions as a forest environment! The air conditioner body has a tourmaline coated sheet. Negative ions (2,500 -3,000/cc) are generated when the air conditioner is not running, allowing you to experience them without incurring any electrical cost.

Wide RangeWIDE TEMPERATURE RANGE: Advanced technology of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries inverters has improved the operation range of this comporessor. This unit can be installed when cooling operation is required at high ambient conditions up to 46°C.

AUTO RESTART: Power blackout auto restart function records the operational status of the air conditioner immediately prior to being switched off by a power supply interruption. The unit automatically resumes operations in the mode and temperature set point after the power has been restored.

SUPERIOR CORROSION RESISTANCE: The base of the outdoor unit is hot dipped to provide superior corrosion and scratch resistance.

SILICON-COATED PCB: The printed circuit board of the outdoor unit is coated by silicon. The coating ensures longevity of the board in humid conditions.

Convenient Features

24 HOUR ON/OFF TIMER: By combining a start timer with a stop timer you can register two timer operations a day. Once set timers will start or stop the system at the specified time of the day repeatedly.

ECONOMY MODE: The unit achieves effective energy saving operation while still keeping a comfortable cooling  operation.

NIGHT SETBACK: During cold seasons, room temperatures can be maintained at a comfortable level even while the room is unattended. The air conditioner keeps the temperature at 10°C.

SLEEP MODE: The room temperature is automatically controlled during the set sleep mode period ensuring that the room temperature will not get too hot or cold.

SILENT OPERATION: The sound level of outdoor units is at least 3dB(A) lower than the nominal level.

WEEKLY TIMER: Up to 4 programs with timer operation (ON-TIMER/OFF-TIMER) are available for each day of the week. MAX 28 programs per week can be set.


Maintenance Functions

SELF-DIAGNOSTIC: If the air conditioner malfunctions an internal microcomputer runs a self diagnosis. Inspection and repair should be performed by authorized dealers.

MICROCOMPUTER-OPERATED DEFROSTING: This function automatically eliminates frost and helps minimize excessive operation in other modes.

DETACHABLE PANEL: The air inlet panel on the indoor unit opens and closes easily, making filter cleaning simple. The suction panel can be easily removed.

5 YEAR WARRANTY: When 5 YEAR WARRANTYyou buy a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries inverter air conditioner, you are getting an air conditioning solution from some of the highest quality products in the industry. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries enjoys a reputation for outstanding quality and is highly respected both in the Australian and overseas markets. With a 5 Year Warranty covering the parts, labour and compressor, you can have peace of mind that your new Mitsubishi Heavy Industries inverter will continue to deliver air-conditioning comfort to your home through the years.

User Manuals

Download Instruction Manual


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