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WVEP618W Westinghouse Electric Wall Oven - in Oven Grill


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WVEP618W Westinghouse 600mm White Pyrolytic Wall Oven features a Large 80L Capacity, Programmable Timer, Delayed Start, Multifunction Oven, Quiet Fan, Drop Down Grill, Easy Cleaning, FamilySafe Cool Door, Cooking Versatility, is Australian Made and more.


FAMILY SIZE: The WVEP618W has a FamilySize large capacity with a huge FamilySize80L Gross oven whilst keeping energy use to a minimum. Exceeding European A Class energy ratings.

LARGE OVEN WINDOW: Westinghouse have designed a large oven window so you can easily see whats cooking.

EASY PROGRAMMING: Both words and symbols are used in the WVEP618W for the cooking functions to make programming easy. Common recipe temperatures are marked to make setting the oven easier. Also the bladed control knobs have a fine point on the end to very accurately select the temperature.

Programmable TimerPROGRAMMABLE TIMER: The programmable timer gives the ability to plan your start and finish cooking time to the minute. You can automatically turn the oven on when you want it to with delayed start, by combining the Cook Time and End Time features to switch the oven on and off at a specific time during the day.

FAN FORCED: Heat from the element surrounding the fan is circulated evenly through the oven. This provides faster cooking times, multi shelf cooking of different foods, and the elimination of hot spots.

MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY: Flexible single or multishelf cooking with 7 shelf positions. The WVEP618W is designed to fit wide and deep trays.

TOUCH CONTROL LED: Touch controls makes programming the LED simple and intuitive to use. You can also make use of the minute minder and 24 hour clock via these controls.


Great Cooking Results

PRECISE OVEN FUNCTIONS: Each oven function hasEasy been designed and calibrated to give you the best results for whatever you are cooking. A high performance temperature thermostat helps give you precise oven temperatures and minimises temperature variance when cooking.

MULTI FUNCTION: The Westinghouse WVEP618W has 10 different functions including fan grill, fan bake, defrost, maxi grill, traditional bake, pizza, rapid heat, grill, base heat, pyro clean.

EVEN HEAT AND QUIET FAN: Utilising a lower fan speed which gently distributes even heat and prevents burning, ensures great cooking results. The lower fan speed also results in very quiet operation.


PYROLYTIC CLEANING: The WVEP618W pyrolytic cleaning heat up to a temperature that turns grease and organic residues to ash. The oven cavity when cool is easily wiped clean. Engineered with high temperatures and importantly with excellent airflow for a great easy clean.

DROP DOWN GRILL: A drop down grill for easy cleaning above the element.

FULL-WIDTH GLASS DOOR: The WVEP618W has an easy to remove full-width glass door and shelving for easy cleaning.

SEAMLESS CAVITY: The oven cavity is seamless, has no dirt traps, and is finished with an easy clean high grade enamel.

EASY WIPE, WHITE GLASS FINISH: The attractive white glass finish looks outstanding in your kitchen and the easy wipe glass makes for easy cleaning.


FAMILY SAFE COOL DOOR: A multi-layer glazed FamilySafe Cool Doordoor with an even cooler exterior thats easy on little hands has been developed for extra peace of mind and safety in the kitchen. Westinghouse cool doors are safer for families with young children and create a more comfortable environment.

CURVED DOOR HANDLE: The door handleEasy of the oven has been designed to be curved so there are no sharp or exposed edges, making it especially safe for kids.

GRILL ELEMENT SHIELD: An element shield has been incorporated in the oven helping protect hands from coming in contact with the grill element.


DESIGNED AND MADE IN AUSTRALIA: The Westinghouse built-in oven range has been designed and manufactured in the state of the art factory in Adelaide for Australian families. Every oven is extensively quality tested before it leaves the factory.

WHITE GLASS OR STAINLESS STEEL: The WVEP618W has a beautiful white glass finish. There is also a stainless steel finish option for this model - WVEP615S.


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Three piece gourmet pizza pack

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 596mm Wide, 595mm High, 572mm Deep

© These Features and Benefits of the WVEP618W have been compiled by the Staff of The Electric Discounter - Copying without authorization is prohibited.


These Specifications are for a Westinghouse - Cooking Appliance Model WVEP618W and are shown as helpful information, but should not be relied upon for final installation. The Manufacturer's specifications should be checked prior to purchase to ensure that there has been no recent changes.



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The standard warranty supplied by Westinghouse on this model is:

"2 Year Australia Wide Manufacturers Warranty"


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