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DD60SI9 Fisher and Paykel Dishwasher


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DD60SI9 Fisher Paykel Integrated Single Drawer Dishwasher features features Full Integration Capability and now comes with a Wireless Remote. Other Features are Fully Adjustable Racking System, Flow Through Detergent Dispenser, 9 Wash Programs, Key Lock and Child Lock Option and Ergonomic Design.

OPTION TO FULLY INTEGRATE: The DD60SI9 allows you to conceal the unit behind your kitchen joinery so that it disappears from sight. A stylish solution in any modern kitchen.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE RACKING SYSTEM: Independently movable racks on the side of each drawer within the DD60SI9 fit all sizes of cups and mugs or they can be folded away for maximum space. Also has folding tines.

FLOW THROUGH DETERGENT DISPENSER: The detergent dispenser pumps water through the detergent to dissolve it thoroughly before it enters the DD60SI9. This ensures a superior hygienic wash without detergent burn on dishes.

9 WASH PROGRAMS: Needless to say the DD60SI9 does than merely swish some water about. A choice of nine wash programmes, including an eco option for each cycle to minimise water and energy usage.

QUICK AND SANITISE AND EXTRA DRY OPTIONS: The Quick wash modifier delivers a faster wash while maintaining performance. The Sanitise option provides extra protection killing 99.9% of bacteria in the final rinse. The Extra Dry setting is perfect for plastic dishes.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The DD60SI9 was designed with your back in mind, as easy to slide as a kitchen drawer, the entire opening, loading and closing operation requires the absolute minimum of movement.


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PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 599mm Wide, 410mm High, 571mm Deep

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The standard warranty supplied by Fisher and Paykel on this model is:

"2 Year Australia Wide Manufacturers Warranty"


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