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DWI62CS Inalto Dishwasher

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DWI62CS Inalto 598mm Integrated 14 Place Setting Dishwasher features Concealed Heating Element, 6 Wash Programs, Stainless Micro Filters, Integrated Door, Folding Spikes, Adjustable Basket, Water Safe Devices and More.

Concealed Element CONCEALED ELEMENT: In order to protect your fragile dishes from calcite, InAlto have concealed the heating element beneath the base of the inner section of the DWI62CS. This ensures that there can be no accidental contact between the items that you are washing and the heating element.

6 WASH PROGRAMS: The DWI62CS features a range of different washing programs offering a perfect clean every time. You will have a program to assist all your needs. Choose from Normal, Intensive, Rapid, 1 hr Express, Heavy or Glass.

Integrated DoorINTEGRATED DOOR: The DWI62CS blends into your kitchen perfectly with the integrated door panel. With this fully integrated design the unit appears to be just another cupboard. The control panel is located on the top of the door so it is hidden away from view but still easily accessible.

STAINLESS MICRO FILTER: The filter prevents larger remnants of food or other objects from getting inside the pump. The residues may block the filter, in this case they must be removed. The filter system consists of a coarse filter, a flat (main filter) and a microfilter (fine filter).
Main Filter Food and soil particles trapped in this filter are pulverised by a special jet on the lower spray arm and washed down to the drain.
Coarse Filter Larger items, such as pieces of bones or broken glass that could block the drain are trapped in the coarse filter. To remove the items caught by the filter, gently squeeze the tap on the top of this filter and lift out.
Fine Filter This filter holds soil and food resideues in the sump area and prevents it from being redeposited on to the dishes during the wash cycle.

Cutlery BasketCUTLERY BASKET: To give you maximum space inside the DWI62CS the cutlery is placed on the handy slide out cutlery basket. Cutlery tends to wash better when spread out like this and you do not have to worry about trying to organise those pesky little baskets.

FOLDING SPIKES: Adjustable spikes can be easily folded down for better stacking or to cater for different sized dishes, pots and pans in the DWI62CS.

ADJUSTABLE BASKET: The top basket of the DWI62CS is height adjustable. It can be easily raised and lowered accommodating large items in either basket such as long stemmed wine glasses in the top or maybe large pots or pans down below.

DELAY START: Set the DWI62CS to fit into your lifestyle. With delay start you can load your dishwasher as you walk out the door and delay the start so the dishwasher will start the wash program hours later when your ready for the unit to have the dishes cleaned.

WATER SAFETY DEVICES: The DWI62CS is fitted with the following safety devices:
Anti-Leak: Device is exclusively in this model. It protects against a burst within the dishwasher hoses.
Anti-Flood: Device detects excess water build-up within the cavity of the dishwasher.
Pex Hoses: Provided with all InAlto dishwashers are a superior hose designed not to pit, scale or corrode and are more durable then standard plastic hoses.

WELS: DWI62CS Inalto Dishwasher Registration number D02233 4.5 Star rating 12 L/wash

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PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 598mm Wide, 815mm High, 550mm Deep

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