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THP42U30A Panasonic Plasma Television


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TH-P42U30A Panasonic 42 Inch 106cm Full High Definition Plasma TV features 600Hz Subfield Drive, Real Black Drive, High Contrast Ratio, IPTV, DLNA/WiFi, and VIErA Link.

600HZ SUBFIELD DRIVE: The 600Hz Sub-field Drive in the THP42U30A teams up with Intelligent Frame Creation Pro technology to deliver fluid on-screen movements. Intelligent Frame Creation Pro detects moving objects and optimises their flow, to smooth the image and ensure crisp movement transitions.

REAL BLACK DRIVE: The THP42U30A incorporates an improved panel production process and the new Real Black Drive system to achieve next-generation black reproduction. Thanks to VIErAs 2,000,000 Dynamic Contrast, images are rendered just the way the director intended, even in scenes where it's difficult to achieve a proper balance of light and dark.

HIGH CONTRAST RATIO: Instantly updating each pixel for every new image, THP42U30A has been designed and built from the ground up for showing moving images on larger screens, producing sharp, crisp and vivid images without blurring or after-images. Panasonic VIErA Plasma TVs maintain high contrast and picture quality when viewed from almost any angle, so even when you have friends around for big sporting events at home, everyone will have the best seat in the house.

IPTV: Internet connectivity is a huge part of our daily lives and Panasonic is dedicated to improving the functionality and applications available within the VIErA range. With that focus in mind, they have introduced the outstanding Easy IPTV feature in the THP42U30A, giving you more access to social networking with your friends via Facebook, music from around the world with SHOUTcast internet radio and all your DLNA content.

DLNA/WIFI: The THP42U30A is DLNA / Wi-Fi ready so you can make your home even more entertaining and fun. Share images, music and other recorded content through DLNA-compatible TVs and computers connected to a router over a LAN network. For the most flexible playback options ever in your VIErA, you can now playback MKV and DIVxHD media files over your DLNA network.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 1023mm Wide, 637mm High, 93mm Deep

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