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MR420EKSTA Mitsubishi Electric Fridge

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Ends 25/12/2018


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MR-420EK-ST-A Mitsubishi 420 Litre Stainless Steel Top Mount Fridge Features a 5 Year Warranty, Hybrid Design, Elevating Shelves, Flexible Shelves, Multi Air-Flow, Big Tower Light, Sliding Chilled Case, Tempered Glass Shelves, Anti-Bacteria Food Liner and Revolving Ice Tray.

5 Year Warranty

5 YEAR WARRANTY: An amazing, unique and comprehensive 5 Year warranty makes the MR-420EK-ST-A a purchase you can make with total piece of mind. Hybrid DesignThe warranty covers parts labour and the compressor for a total of 5 years.

HYBRID DESIGN: This stylish sleek design of the MR-420EK-ST-A is unique and will complement any kitchen. No handles stick out however the way in which it has been designed allows for an easy no fuss entry into the fridge and freezer.

ELEVATING SHELVES: Simply slide the leverElevating Shelves and you can raise or lower each shelf by up to 40mm. There's no need to remove any items from the shelf... What could be easier than that!

FLEXIBLE SHELVES:Flexible Shelves Another unique feature that allows you to create the space you want. Use two full glass tiers, or fold the shelf halfway back allowing you to maximise your storage options by creating additional space when you need it.

MULTI AIR FLOW: 6 different temperature regulation points in the fridge ensure uniform cooling and airflow to all shetves. Cold air is emitted from both sides and from the front and back of the compartment. This ensures that food is kept is equally fresh at all times.

Big Tower Light

BIG TOWER LIGHT: A long tower illuminated light in the MR-420EK-ST-A will mean you will always find your products easily.

SLIDING CHILLED CASE: Equipped with a smooth-sliding roller, the Sliding Chilled Case allows for easy access. Great for storing dairy products, fresh fish, meat and chilling drinks. Food is stored around 0°C, ensuring longer lasting freshness.

Tempered Glass

TEMPERED GLASS SHELVES: The tempered glass shelves are built to withstand up to 101 kg of weight. So you can rest easy the your large platters and drink bottles will be easily stored in the MR-420EK-ST-A.

ANTI-BACTERIA FOOD LINER: Anti-bacteria material is contained in the food liner offering effective in the MR420EK range, lifetime anti-bacteria protection. This special, silvery inorganic material conforms to the strict Japanese Food Sanitation Laws and is harmless to the human body.

Revolving Ice TrayREVOLVING ICE TRAY: Ice cubes are released from the tray with just a simple twist of the revolving handle in the MR420EK. You will never need to run out of cold ice on a hot day again.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 686mm Wide, 1691mm High, 706mm Deep

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These Specifications are for a Mitsubishi Electric - refrigerator Model MR420EKSTA and are shown as helpful information, but should not be relied upon for final installation. The Manufacturer's specifications should be checked prior to purchase to ensure that there has been no recent changes.



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The standard warranty supplied by Mitsubishi Electric on this model is:

"5 Year Australia Wide Manufacturers Warranty"

If you are buying an Air Conditioner with a 5 year Manufacturers Warranty then you can increase your warranty to a total of 7 years. Please discuss with Sales Assistant on contact.


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