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WHE6874SA Westinghouse Fridge

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WHE6874SA Westinghouse Stainless Steel 681 Litre French Door Refrigerator feautures FlexSpace Fully Convertible Drawer, Smart Split Door Design, FreshSeal Easy Glide Crispers, Filtered Ice and Water Dispenser, and Slide Back and Flip Up Shelves.


FlexSpace Fully Convertible DrawerFLEXSPACE FULLY CONVERTIBLE DRAWER: With the widest temperature range from -23C to +7C our FlexSpace Fully Convertible Drawer adapts to your needs with a touch of a button*. With 5 predefined settings you can chill your drinks, freeze your meat or store your deli snacks, taking the headache out of the fridge and freezer shuffle, making you feel really clever. *within 2 hours

SmartSplit Door DesignSMARTSPLIT DOOR DESIGN: Optimally split doors give you more usable space in your fridge door. You can reach larger items in a quick and easy manner, saving you the need to open both doors every time.

WIDE OPEN FRIDGE SPACE: You can never have too much space. The French door design ensures you can store party platters with ease, plus stock up on all your family favourites and fresh groceries. Having everything at eye level means you can easily check your fridge contents at a glance when you are busy.

FLEXSPACETM: FlexSpaceThe Westinghouse FlexSpace Range has maximised usable space for their biggest ever capacity. Every element has been redesigned to increase the storage capacity. This adds between 10 to 40 litres of more useable space, depending on the model.

  • From the depth of the base
  • to redesigning the shelf rails
  • to Increased internal depth that does not change the outside dimensions
  • and standardised cabinet heights.

PLUMBED IN ICE AND WATER: Plumbed-In Ice and WaterThe Westinghouse WHE6874SA helps keep your family healthy and hydrated with easy access to chilled, filtered water from the in-door water and ice dispenser. No one will need to go thirsty again.
There is nothing more refreshing than an icy cold drink on a hot day. The Automatic Icemaker means you wil always have ice available when you need it straight through the door. Crushed or cubed, the WHE6874SA is ready to deliver.

DEEP BOTTLE STORAGE BINS: The WHE6874SA has a large bottle bin located on the door allowing for more room within the main compartment of the fridge.Flexible Shelving

SLIDE BACK AND FLIP UP SHELVES: The flexibility to slide back or flip up some of the fridge shelving makes fitting those extra tall items or large platters a piece of cake.

Food Freshness

MULTIFLOW EVEN TEMPERATURE: The key to keeping food fresh is maintaining the consistent supply of optimum temperature and humidity conditions. The Westinghouse WHE6874SA intelligent Multiflow technology provides an even temperature throughout every compartment, keeping food at optimal temperatures, reducing wastage and saving money.

Snack ZoneSNACKZONE: The SnackZone is the ideal compartment for family favourites. The optimal height for even the smallest family members to reach, ensuring healthy and tasty snacks are always available.

FLEXSEAL™ EASY GLIDE CRISPERS: FreshSeal crispers with automatic humidity control give you the flexibility to look after your fruit and vegetables the right way in the WHE6874SA. Designed with your comfort in mind, the easy glide crisper bins open effortlessly and provide easy access even when theyre full.
Use the seperate crisper bins to organise and separate fruit and vegetables as well as great life hacks.

QUICK FREEZE: This setting decreases the freezer temperature to -23 degrees for 12 hours before returning to the pre-set mode.Dual Freezer Storage

DUAL FREEZER STORAGE: With extra freezer space, you can arrange your frozen items in a way that suits your lifestyle. Place the most important items like ice cream in the top drawer and pre-prepared meals when mums away in the bottom drawer.


ELECTRONIC TOUCH CONTROL: Digital DisplayLocated on the front of the left door for easy access, the panel is well designed and easy to understand.

SAFE HANDLES: Bar handles have been designed with family safety in mind, with no protruding or sharp edges.

DOOR ALARM:If the WHE6874SA doors are left open to long the door alarms will beep continually until closed.

REFRIGERANT: R600a RefrigeratorBecause Westinghouse are committed to caring for the environment, and their refrigerator range have converted to the less harmful R600A refrigerant to reflect. So now your family refrigerator can quietly play its own part in reducing your household impact on the environment.

Easy Clean

LED LIGHTING: LED LightingEnergy efficient bright LED back and top lighting to help find items on busy shelves.

FROST FREE: The multi-airflow delivery system is used to provide consistent temperature control throughout the freezer meaning there is no defrosting required.

EASY CLEAN SURFACES: The walls of the WHE6874SA are smooth, so grime does not have an easy surface to grip, and the freezer shelves and bins are easily removed so the whole cavity can be quickly wiped down. The freezer bins also feature one click removable fronts so the bins are easy to clean out.

SPILLSAFE GLASS SHELVES: Westinghouse WHE6874SA spill safe glass shelves are designed to improve visibility and isolate leaks, preventing up to a litre of spills from dripping onto shelves below. They use a clear tempered glass which is four to five times stronger than standard glass. Westinghouse test them to hold between 30 and 40 kilos depending on the model.


FINGERPRINT RESISTANT REAL STAINLESS STEEL: Easy Clean Silver DoorsLife can be messy, but with the fingerprint-resistant real stainless steel finish on the WHE6874SA, you will not have to worry. A quick wipe with a damp cloth should be all you need to keep your fridge looking its sleek and stylish best.
Made for sticky finger families!

Tested Quality

TESTED BEYOND MANDATORY LEVELS: Westinghouse developed more than 80 specialised tests above the mandatory regulations to ensure the freezer outperforms in performance and reliability.

TROPICALLISATION TESTING: Westinghouse conduct rigorous tests to ensure the freezer can cope with the high humidity and high usage which is standard throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Westinghouse test in specially built tropicalized rooms at 32oC with 83% humidity with door openings, as well as at a range of temperatures from 10oC to 43oC to ensure the performance of the freezer is not compromised.

RELIABILITY TESTING: The fan motors are tested for the equivalent of 300000 cycles in very severe conditions from 50% to 95% humidity.
Westinghouse conduct a salt spray test for 500 hours on stainless steel products to test for corrosion, and for 250 hours for the internal steel structure.
Temperature tests the cabinet and internal liners from -40oC to 65oC to ensure no cracks or deformation.
Every freezer is comprehensively safety and quality tested before it leaves the factory.


Download Instruction Manual

FlexStor™ Can Dispenser

FlexStor™ Can Dispenser

FlexStor™ Small Items Bins

FlexStor™ Small Items Bins

Water Filter

Water Filter

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 913mm Wide, 1782mm High, 803mm Deep

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