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WTM2000WC Westinghouse Fridge


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WTM2000WC Westinghouse 200 Litre White Top Mount Refrigerator features a Reversible Door, Frost Free, Dairy Compartment, Temperature Control and R600a Refrigerant.


REVERSIBLE DOOR: The newly designed reversible door feature in the WTM2000WC means if your kitchen design changes and the current opening does not suit you, you can reverse the hinge side of the door. No door kits are required, just follow the instructions in your user manual.

HIDDEN HINGES: The hidden hinge design does leave that bulky top on your fridge, so looks nicer in your kitchen, and by integrating the hinge behind the doors you don't add that precious extra height you often need in small kitchens.

Food Freshness

ICE TRAY: One ice tray and storage bucket is included with this unit for easy ice making and storage.

DAIRY COMPARTMENT: Easily keep your dairy product separated from the rest of your fridge.


MANUAL CONTROLS: Separate manual controls for the fridge and freezer are clear and easy to use. The dial control is easy to set to your required temperature.

LAMP: An easy change 15watt lamp is used to light the fridge cavity of the WTM2000WC so you can see in the dark hours.

SAFE HANDLES: The handles on the WTM2000WC are integrated into the door so there are no protruding or sharp edges to catch yourself on.R600a Refrigerator

REFRIGERANT: Because Westinghouse is committed to caring for the environment the compact refrigerator range have converted to the less harmful R600A refrigerant. So now your family refrigerator can quietly play its own part in reducing your household impact on the environment.

Easy Clean

FROST FREE: The multi-airflow delivery system is used to provide consistent temperature control throughout the freezer meaning there is no defrosting required.

EASY CLEAN SURFACES: The walls of the WTM2000WC are smooth, so grime does not have an easy surface to grip, and the freezer shelves and bins are easily removed so the whole cavity can be quickly wiped down.


WHITE FINISH: A crisp long last white finish is easy to clean and gives that bright finish to your kitchen.

Tested Quality

TESTED BEYOND MANDATORY LEVELS: Westinghouse developed more than 80 specialised tests above the mandatory regulations to ensure the freezer outperforms in performance and reliability.

TROPICALLISATION TESTING: Westinghouse conduct rigorous tests to ensure the freezer can cope with the high humidity and high usage which is standard throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Westinghouse test in specially built tropicalised rooms at 32oC with 83% humidity with door openings, as well as at a range of temperatures from 10oC to 43oC to ensure the performance of the freezer is not compromised.

RELIABILITY TESTING: The fan motors are tested for the equivalent of 300000 cycles in very severe conditions from 50% to 95% humidity.
Westinghouse conduct a salt spray test for 500 hours on stainless steel products to test for corrosion, and for 250 hours for the internal steel structure.
Temperature tests the cabinet and internal liners from -40oC to 65oC to ensure no cracks or deformation.
Every freezer is comprehensively safety and quality tested before it leaves the factory.


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PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 524mm Wide, 1476mm High, 595mm Deep

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These Specifications are for a Westinghouse - refrigerator Model WTM2000WC and are shown as helpful information, but should not be relied upon for final installation. The Manufacturer's specifications should be checked prior to purchase to ensure that there has been no recent changes.



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The standard warranty supplied by Westinghouse on this model is:

"2 Year Australia Wide Manufacturers Warranty"


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