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Customer Survey

We would appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback on our website.


Above Average 4 out of 5 based on 19856  Reviews for The Electric Discounter

*Self Praise Is No Recommendation - My Mother Used To Tell Me - So Below Are The Comments From Our Customers As To Our Service And Competitiveness.


Review: 21812
Date:18/6/2018 Site & Service Critic:
(Above Average)
No concerns unless goods do not arrive as per schedule.

Review: 21811
Date:17/6/2018 Site & Service Critic:
Actually really good, easy to use website. Pretty happy with prices as well. Hope the delivery is as smooth.

Review: 21810
Date:13/6/2018 Site & Service Critic:

Review: 21809
Date:11/6/2018 Site & Service Critic:
good site

Review: 21808
Date:11/6/2018 Site & Service Critic:
like your site

Review: 21807
Date:10/6/2018 Site & Service Critic:
(Above Average)
easy to navigate

Review: 21806
Date:8/6/2018 Site & Service Critic:
Easy to deal with and find what we needed. Phone contact and service was very good. and accommodating to our needs

Review: 21805
Date:7/6/2018 Site & Service Critic:
Worked well

Review: 21804
Date:6/6/2018 Site & Service Critic:
Great customer service, thanks Ben

Review: 21803
Date:5/6/2018 Site & Service Critic:
Easy to use

Review: 21802
Date:5/6/2018 Site & Service Critic:
(Above Average)
Very quick process

Review: 21801
Date:4/6/2018 Site & Service Critic:
I like to price match feature. It looks like a really great option to make a good deal for both of sides.

Review: 21800
Date:31/5/2018 Site & Service Critic:
I found the website very user friendly

Review: 21799
Date:24/5/2018 Site & Service Critic:
Website was easy to navigate and Joe White as friendly and helpful over the phone.

Review: 21798
Date:20/5/2018 Site & Service Critic:
i love the website look very proffessional

Review: 21797
Date:19/5/2018 Site & Service Critic:
Simple to use, user friendly

Review: 21796
Date:16/5/2018 Site & Service Critic:
good selection of products and good prices

Review: 21795
Date:12/5/2018 Site & Service Critic:
I purchased dishwasher recently and now need a cooker so visited the site again.

Review: 21794
Date:10/5/2018 Site & Service Critic:
Good and easy to follow and retrieve information on products

Review: 21793
Date:10/5/2018 Site & Service Critic:
Ben Penman was very helpful over the phone. I would purchase more goods here for the service and the price.