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Customer Survey

We would appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback on our website.


Above Average 4 out of 5 based on 19430  Reviews for The Electric Discounter

*Self Praise Is No Recommendation - My Mother Used To Tell Me - So Below Are The Comments From Our Customers As To Our Service And Competitiveness.


Review: 21385
Date:27/3/2017 Site & Service Critic:
Really simple easy transaction looking forward to my delivery.

Review: 21384
Date:27/3/2017 Site & Service Critic:
Mathew is a great sales person. I am always happy with the service

Review: 21379
Date:16/3/2017 Site & Service Critic:
The rating box did not work on my survey. We rated the website 7/10. It seemed a bit 'busy' with lots on it. You did offer the best price on the product!

Review: 21376
Date:14/3/2017 Site & Service Critic:
best service in the appliance market

Review: 21375
Date:8/3/2017 Site & Service Critic:
easy to work through except for the ordering, my warehouse kept coming up as Perth not brisbane

Review: 21371
Date:2/3/2017 Site & Service Critic:
Has been awesome so far !!

Review: 21370
Date:28/2/2017 Site & Service Critic:
Well laid out, easy to use and ,,, Love the price match function !

Review: 21369
Date:28/2/2017 Site & Service Critic:
(Above Average)
Easy to look through. All good.

Review: 21368
Date:27/2/2017 Site & Service Critic:
I haven't received my purchase yet but so far I am impressed with the polite way in which I have been dealt and the advice given re difficult delivery address.

Review: 21367
Date:26/2/2017 Site & Service Critic:
(Above Average)
easy to use

Review: 21366
Date:24/2/2017 Site & Service Critic:
(Above Average)
I have had no issues with finding my way around. Very Good!

Review: 21363
Date:22/2/2017 Site & Service Critic:
Fast and efficient

Review: 21358
Date:20/2/2017 Site & Service Critic:
Found the website very easy to use. And any questions were answered straight away.

Review: 21356
Date:14/2/2017 Site & Service Critic:
Darra store is the best

Review: 21355
Date:13/2/2017 Site & Service Critic:
I found the staff extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the products.

Review: 21353
Date:8/2/2017 Site & Service Critic:
Overall transaction(not just the website) I rated as Excellent. Tony and Rebekah were very courteous and provided splendid and efficient service.

Review: 21351
Date:6/2/2017 Site & Service Critic:
Great service by Shannon Markie Very helpful, a keeper!!

Review: 21350
Date:6/2/2017 Site & Service Critic:
(Above Average)
Cannot find any rating above Website considered very good.

Review: 21344
Date:1/2/2017 Site & Service Critic:
existing customer

Review: 21340
Date:31/1/2017 Site & Service Critic:
(Above Average)
Good over the phone customer service from Shanon.